Big City Life Roleplay

Why not delve into our world? Who will you choose to be?

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Whether it's crime, emergency services, or other more unique roleplay experiences you are looking for, BCL-RP will make your journey both exciting and memorable.

We offer a fantastic and friendly community, full of experienced roleplayers. Don't worry if you're not all that experienced though, we'll help you along the way in order to get your roleplaying standard to a sufficient and enjoyable level.



Big City Life Roleplay is a free to play server, based on the GT-MP platform. You develop your characters to become whoever you desire.

That's right, it's not just free in terms of money. We also set you free to create fantastic memories! Oh and did we mention the best bit?...It's free!



Focused on the features. Focused on security. Focused on the community.

We are constantly observing the server, in order to ensure we are running a stable and reliable gaming environment. We are persistently looking for new ideas, and regularly building new features into the community. And that's where the community comes in. The community feeds the server its' food in order to grow. So, why not join our fantastic community and become part of the team!

An endless amount of opportunities all in one place

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Unfortunately here at Big City Life Roleplay, we are still in phase 1 development. You don't need to cry about it though. We currently have our community forum growing by the minute! Why not head over there and join in the chat?

There, we will be welcoming any suggestions and help that you can offer. Use this time to make friends and get excited for the first release of Big City Life Roleplay! We are!

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